About Us

Redth.info is an online blog site that covers articles on technology, marketing, and business. We provide readers with high quality articles that are written by industry experts and can be accessed at any time.

Our blog is dedicated to providing quality content for readers who are looking for business tips, strategies and growth hacks. We believe that knowledge is power so we want to equip our readers with tried and tested methods to help them thrive in their careers.

Redth.info was founded in 2013 with the goal of providing readers with honest reviews on topics related to technology, marketing, and business. It all started with a personal interest in technology as our founder (who is not a tech expert) would consistently find themselves in need of help due to their lack of knowledge related to the topic.

This trend led our founder to start researching ways they could make their life easier by finding sources that would provide them with the most up-to-date information on the latest technology news.

With no clear source readily available on the internet for this type of information, it became clear there was an opportunity for something like Redth.info to exist which could bridge this gap.

Our aim is to provide professional advice but also keep our voice light-hearted while adding personal opinions on all things digital marketing as well as business related topics.